Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List

Anonymous crime in a Web 2.0 world? I don't think so!

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I don’t have much time to make this post and I’m a bit annoyed/dissapointed, so it might not have much eloquence to it:

I took some time out yesterday and this morning to finally browse around the comments and etc. left on facebook, a few blogs, and on reblogs from this page. While there were very constructive and uplifting things posted, there were some incredibly horrible things posted as well, items such as racism, sexism, threats, blaming everyone from specific suburbs via blanket statements, and harassment.

Specificly, the follwing is prevelant:

  • general “Asian” based racism (Chinese, Indian, etc).
  • specifically blaming either gender
  • specifically blaming within a certain (young) age-range
  • all-encompassing blame of Surrey, etc.
  • threats of violence against not just the pictured individuals, but family, friends, and employers
  • harassment of the above mentioned people via email, phone, etc.
  • actual violence against offenders and above mentioned people.

None of these things should be occuring. Absolutely none.

Why are people calling, harassing, and threatening people whose only guilt in this is being related to someone who participated in the riot? What is the point of hurting these innocent people, and how is that any different then the mob behavior of rioters lynching people in the streets?

I haven’t participated in and do not condone any of this behavior and find it just as repulsive as the actions of the rioters that it is directed towards. On that note, I’m glad to see (even if it is just out of pure luck) that the majority of people reblogging from this site are not participating in the aforementioned (disgusting) actions, at least as far as I care to check.

Here’s a quick fact in relation to myself:

I consider Vancouver to be MY city, though I have not technically lived in (as in, that isn’t where my taxes etc. go). I have, however, lived in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Surrey. When people start using blanket statements to blame the riot, damage, injury, and theft on everyone who is a resident of (for example) Surrey, they are blaming innocent individuals such as myself.

I just don’t get it.

Racism, violence, and blame-shifting is not going to solve any problems, only create new ones. Keep that in mind.

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To come: Sorting and a new direction.

As promised earlier, sometime today or tomorrow I will be going through everything that was posted here and sorting it, both for those already identified and those who still need to be. How I will post the sorted results I haven’t yet thought about, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

In other news, I’m hoping to open up a new project later on this week. As much as this page has been a positive thing (in effort and intention) it’s inception was a result of incredibly negative actions.

What I would like to do with my upcoming idea is shed that negativity. I want it to be something that is positive clear through, in it’s reason for being, the effort involved, and the direction it continues in.

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I HAD TO reblog this:

I saw some Boston fans helping out with the post-riot cleanup downtown, and I was so touched. I am aching and sore from scrubbing walls for four hours, but I am so glad that I got to experience the beauty of Vancouver, including the love and solidarity of those who wanted to preserve it… whether inhabitants or not.
(photo credit: 2011 ANDY FANG PHOTOGRAPHY)

I HAD TO reblog this:


I saw some Boston fans helping out with the post-riot cleanup downtown, and I was so touched. I am aching and sore from scrubbing walls for four hours, but I am so glad that I got to experience the beauty of Vancouver, including the love and solidarity of those who wanted to preserve it… whether inhabitants or not.

(photo credit: 2011 ANDY FANG PHOTOGRAPHY)

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One quick note before I give this a rest until Sunday:

For anyone who saw the interview and especially to the creator/admin of the main facebook group (who we redirected our traffic to before locking our own group):

I realize that they showed the facebook page instead of this Tumblr. I assume it was an unintentional slip-up on CTV’s part and had I been watching on a monitor while the show was airing I would have corrected them. In no way do I wish to take credit for the incredible amount of work that must have gone into moderating that page. I didn’t even want to take credit for THIS page (friends and my wife insisted).

Whoever you are, you did a great job! I’m sorry if that mistake gave me any credit you rightly deserve.

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Okay, so I got some sleep during the day and now, being the regular Joe I am, I’m heading off to my day (read: afternoon) job.

I’m going to take a complete break from this place tomorrow to rest up and hopefully, come Sunday, I’ll have some time to spare to sort through all the posts a second time. The current plan is to filter out those who have been identified onto a separate page so that they won’t stay lost in this clutter and can be quickly and easily viewed. This sorting will also include individuals that didn’t appear on this page that have been identified elsewhere (such as the “public shame” blog mentioned in a previous post). These names and photos need to be kept visible in a variety of places.

As “Anonymous” says, so says Vancouver: We don’t/won’t forget.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, I would like another copy of the video that was removed by YouTube. For both that video and many other recordings/photos, we need to take action and honor those who put their own safety at risk for this city.

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Long story short:

The Canadian Press contacted Miss604 in order to get ahold of my friend and co-creator of one of the initial facebook picture collecting groups. You can read the yahoo article about Ryan (and myself, by proxy) here:

Ryan, being the awesome guy he is has been refusing to take the credit (as much as I would like him to) and passed everyone along to me.

So… Here I am now, sitting in the Vancouver CTV studio and waiting to do a live interview.

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Public Justice!

No, no, I’m not advocating any sort of violent retribution or vigilante-ism, I’m referring to something much more tame, something that most of us learned was a horrible thing via our mothers:

Being “shamed.”

Yup. It’s something so mild, but when the right person does it, well, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. The great thing about our current state of complete social media saturation is that we no longer have to rely on that singular person keeping their respective whoever in check, nor do we have to rely on a tight knit “Little House on the Prairie” type of community. No, we have the advantage of a global community.

Can we, as perfect strangers, make those who deserve to feel ashamd actually feel it? In some cases I’m absolutely sure we do. In terms of those other cases… it’s okay if shame doesn’t work because we have an equally powerful alternative:


Whether the regret felt is regret for their action, regret being caught, or regret for the ensuing consequences is a moot point: If we can make people regret (in any sense of the word) what happened then it’s a job well done.

So, all rambling aside, I’m directing you all to this blog:

Contribute what you can to what is already there. Add to that page what you can in terms of names and photos (match them up from submission here!). Let’s make sure thoughs who should never forget their actions never do.

Public shame? Private regret? Whatever the outcome, I see both as a positive ending.

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Video of 2 different men trying to intervene and stop the rioting group. One of the men gets assaulted at about 3:13. I think it’s important to identify the assailants in this video, as well as these 2 very brave guys who stood up to the crowd. They need to be acknowledged.

Can the person that submitted this video (or anyone who has a copy of it) please upload the video again and disallow comments? With comments turned off it won’t be removed for “hate speech” and everyone can view it (as they should)